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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Well not a lot of posts today, but some days other things take precedence over the blogging!

I wanted to thank my friend Cassy for the heads up on the Washington Monument story. She sent me an email from AFA which asks you to contact the President to ask him to to reverse this decision.
Click here to participate:

I included the piece from PPT about Clergy Appreciation month so that if you haven't taken the time to say or do something nice to or for your own personal Clergy, there is still a couple of days left to do so (actually year round appreciation works well too). The PPT has a nice ecard you can send, and as always - if you would like to join my prayer team at PPT I would be honored. The link is in the post.

Starting to wrap up the issues posts from the websites of Huckabee and Thompson. Should finish that tomorrow, but I have other plans for the days to come.

Finally, I said I didn't want to let the Fred Phelps and the WBC church issue go away, so today I have listed posts from a couple of by blogging friend's sites. Go visit Spree and Snooper at the links below.

May God Bless America today and always!!!
Mike Huckabee on the Issues - Part 3

Fred Thompson on the Issues - Part 3

God banished from flag ceremony, Washington Monument - this topic of banishing God seems to come up almost daily. Let's pray that God will help those in decision making positions to wake up and do what is RIGHT!