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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recap of Posts: Monday and Tuesday

TROOPS UPDATES - From the Presidential Prayer Team - I have decided to make a daily post on a feature from the PPT website and to offer readers the opportunity to join my PPT team called Pastor Ed's Prayer Patriots. To join click here: www.pptambassador.org/team153

Ballot vote may return Nativity display to Michigan city - The term "grassroots" seems to be used on a very regular basis. These types of "grassroots" efforts show how the former Silent Majority is being silent no longer! Pray for the success of this inititive.

McCain: Latest Bin Laden Tape Proves U.S. Is Succeeding in Iraq - While I disagree with several of his stances on certain issues, he has been right on the money when it comes to the GWOT.

Why the Surge is Working - An OP/ED from Vets for Freedom Executive Director, Pete Hegseth.

Colts Win on MNF! - My take on the Colts latest victory.

HELP STRENGTHEN AMERICA THROUGH PRAYER! - PPT's inititive is Pray the Vote 2008. Begin praying for God's will in the upcoming national elections.

Looking for a Reagan Conservative - While I am still undecided on who I am going to support for the Republican nomination for President, I have narrowed my choices to Thompson, Huckabee, and Hunter. Feel free to leave comments on who you want.