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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recap for Wednesday and Thursday Posts

Phelps Being Sued - Your Chance to Help The Family - This is a pathetic story about a so-called Christian Baptist Church that protests at military funerals and uses as the name of their website "God Hates Fags". Just that name tells you that Phelps and his hate brigade do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The God that I know - the God of the Bible hates sin, but does not hate people. While I am definitely not a homosexual advocate, I know that God loves each person. What they do at these military funerals, supposedly cheering the fact that God is punishing America because of homosexuality, is as low as you can get - and Satan must love the fact that this so-called Christian group is doing his work for him. I can't begin to explain how upsetting this is on so many different fronts!

Conservative pro-military group counter-protests 'peace activists' in Berkeley -Buzz Peterson vs. the Pink Petticoat Brigade. From first hand experience seeing what the Pepto Pinkos are capable of and do on a daily basis. I saw on the news last night where several Code Pinkos were arrested inside the Capital Building as they made their normal scene when Secretary of State Rice was getting ready to speak. Way to go LTC. Peterson for taking back the recruiting office that the Pinkos had been vandalising!

Boy Scout advocate calls on Americans to boycott Philadelphia - more on the Boy Scout story in Philadelphia.

Pastor's Update - What's been keeping me busy for the last couple of days!