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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Report: Structure Bombed by Israeli Warplanes in Syria Was Nuclear Facility

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Israel claims that one of the Syrian targets they allegedly bombed last month was a nuclear facility after receiving detailed photos from a possible spy in the building, ABCNews.com reported Friday.

The Bush administration, meanwhile, has refused to confirm the existence of such a facility or comment in detail on the photographs. A senior U.S. official told ABCNews.com that Israel’s intelligence agency discovered a suspected nuclear facility inside Syria over the summer, and may have planted a spy—posing as an employee—inside the complex.

Click here to read the full report on ABC News.com.

The pictures obtained by Israel show a big cylindrical structure with thick walls that closely resembles a North Korean design, a U.S. official told ABCNews.com.

The official said the facility was approximately 100 miles from the Iraqi border, and a place “where no one would ever go unless you had a reason to go there,” ABCNews.com reported.