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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today from the PPT - TROOPS UPDATES

These soldiers, who are part of a personal security detachment, prepare to leave a compound on Combat Outpost Courage in Mosul, Iraq, October 18. Pray for the safety and protection of our troops as they work to secure the city of Baghdad and the nation of Iraq.

Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense.

Greetings to our prayer partners! Thank you forever for your faithful prayer support for Jeffrey and his unit, and his wife and son. He will be stationed somewhere in the Middle East, for probably 15 months. At this time, Jeffrey is getting ready to be in a combat area, in the Middle East. Our prayers are with our troops as we remember that God is in control. What a faithful God we all serve! Thanks be to God for you and for your prayer support! "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as Eagles...." Isaiah 40:31 Your friends in Christ, Joyce and Tom (praying parents in MN.)

Mark is newly married. Please pray for his wife and him as he is deployed for several months to finish his tour. Pray for his walk with the Lord and to let the light of Jesus shine through him as well as safety for him and the others.

Nathan is now in a new location. We continue to pray for him to be surrounded by strong Christians who would befriend him and encourage him in drawing closer to the Lord. Soften his heart towards the Lord and he would be on fire for the Lord. There is a female he is very interested in; possible marriage. Pray for wisdom and discernment to make the right decision. Have the grace and trust to wait upon the Lord. Pray he would excel in his new area of studies and would excel and have the favor of the Lord.

Derek has been serving in a hostile area of Baghdad for about two months. His squadron has lost five soldiers in the past month. However, Derek has said he has seen miracles on the battlefield. Please continue to pray for the soldiers, their families, and the families of those who've been killed. Thank you for your prayers! May the Lord bless you!

Thank you for praying for him and the men he recruits. He is meeting his goals in spite of great odds against him so I believe this is in answer to prayer. He has also had some personal days off, much to the joy of his family. But his boys say that because he leaves early and comes home after their bedtime 7 days each week, they don't see him enough. Pray for them as they enter their teen years. One more year of this three year grueling schedule to go. He asks that you pray for his next assignment. He has a position in mind and I think because of his pastor-like heart he would do well in it if he got it.

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