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Monday, November 5, 2007

Article Against "Land for Peace" and Dean's Views

Pro-Israel group lobbying White House against 'land for peace' deal

Jim Brown
November 5, 2007

The group Christians United for Israel is calling on President Bush to refrain from pressuring Israel into territorial concessions at an upcoming Mideast Summit in Annapolis, Maryland.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is moving ahead with plans to hold the Israeli-Palestinian summit later this month or early December. Rice and other Bush administration officials are reportedly pressing Israel to agree to a set of territorial concessions in advance of the summit, including giving up part of the city of Jerusalem.

Dr. Jim Hutchens, the Washington area director of Christians United for Israel, says the president has a noble goal of fostering Mideast peace, but is receiving poor "religious" advice.

"I must believe that there is advice that's being given to him, probably by clergymen, perhaps even theologians. But the advice would be based upon replacement theology -- and that is that the church is the new Israel, and that the Israel of the Old Testament has been superseded.

Thus the term 'super-sessionism'; it's been superseded by the church," says Hutchens.Hutchens says President Bush clearly is seeking a "peace legacy" before he leaves office, but is foolish to think he can achieve that by trying to broker a deal with Islamic jihadists bent on annihilating the state of Israel.

He notes that Rice has been in conference with former Secretary of State James Baker and former President Jimmy Carter. According to Hutchens, Baker and Carter are both "pro-Arab people you should not talk to about peace in the Middle East."

My friend Dean's take on this article:

Olmert needs to go away and hang his head in shame along with the rest of the liberal left in Israel. We know what those idiots do here, imagine being surrounded by 22 Arab states who have sworn to annihilate you with liberals running the show. Israel cannot afford to blink let alone leave a liberal like Olmert in a position of authority.

And the U.S. supporting a Palestinian state by giving them money and weapons is insane. In the first place there is NO SUCH RACE OF PEOPLE AS PALESTINIANS. Never has been! Rice and Bush are wrong...as wrong as wrong can be.

If the U.S. does not support Israel we are all in major trouble. The U.S. sends money to the Saudis. For WHAT? So they can spend all their oil money to drive in those stretch limos and build those big palaces and indulge themselves in decadence? We would be better served if we stopped sending money to Israel's enemies.

If we must send aid money then send it to Israel. Is anybody paying attention? Do any of you know that Israeli researchers may be close to a cure for cancer? How close are researchers in this country?

Are the so called "Palestinians" looking for ways to help people and enrich lives? Do you think maybe they are researching cures for cancer? How about those sheiks in Saudi Arabia and all their trillions of dollars?

Israel should take back Gaza and a few other places that has been given to those lying Arabs by whatever means necessary and tell Condi to go suck eggs. My rant is over. Sorry.