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Friday, November 16, 2007

Prayer for our Troops - From Cyber Pastor

I received a couple of comments that remind me of things that I need to make special posts on. This post and another about homeless veterans will both go online today.

I have a spot on my blog in the upper left that anyone can request prayer for those who are serving in the GWOT. It doesn't matter if the person is just in basic training (or is enlisted and waiting for basic training) or has served 3 tours in one of the hot spots, you are welcome to add them to our list.
It doesn't matter how long the list gets, I make changes to the site if necessary to get every person included. This is actually my favorite part of "Do the Right Thing".
I wanted to share the comment that inspired this post. I don't know any of the people mentioned, and that doesn't matter to me. God knows them and knows what their needs are this very second.

I ask for a prayer request for my husband who is in Iraq serving a tour of 18 months... God willing will return home in Aug 2008 and also a prayer request for his father who is in the army reserves. Who is going to have to go to afghanistan as soon as they call him (less then 6 months)

I thank you so very much!

Army wife,

Veronica Paulk
Sgt. James R. Paulk & Sgt. Jam

You can add a name to the list in this comment section, or email them to me at: hopecyberpastor@gmail.com .

Finally, use the list and pray for these heroes who are serving so that you and I can remain free!!

God Bless our Troops!

Cyber Pastor