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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Happy Thanksgiving From Cyber Pastor & Family!

All posts today, including this entire article are all dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday and what it means.

I love Thanksgiving! Why is that? Well, many things come into play, but being a Christian, and living in America should just make a person overjoyed about being thankful.

Of course, I am thankful that Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross and then rose again three days later so that I could spend eternity in heaven!

I am thankful to God for placing me in the United States of America - the greatest country on the earth. I am awed by the fact that the world is such a big place, and I could have been born in any country and for whatever reason God chose to put me in America!

I am thankful that we have religious freedom and are able to worship God openly without the fear of our government standing in our way or of being persecuted because of what we believe.

I have a wonderful family that I love with all my heart - and that is truly a blessing from God.

I have a wonderful church and community to serve and I couldn't ask for a better place to do God's work. Thank you Lord for placing me here.

I am thankful for those who are currently serving our country in the GWOT and for all those who have served before them. Please remember to pray for those serving as they protect our freedoms and many of them will be away from their loved ones for all the holiday season.

I have made so many wonderful friends since I began blogging nearly two years ago, and then starting Do The Right Thing earlier this year.

There is quite a large and growing group of people that I call the "Good Guys" who have grown into a very close family. Granted, I have only met one of these people in person - but I feel like I have known several of them for many years. A few of them are some of my closest prayer partners.

To have such a group of friends, that come from all walks and different parts of the country is a great thing. This "family" we have includes Christians, Catholics, a couple of the Jewish faith, an atheist, young folks, older folks, many veterans, men, women, and the group just keeps on growing.

While we come from very different backgrounds, one thing links us together. That is our love of Conservative values. Several of us have our own blogs, others are contributors to blogs, and some are readers of our blogs, but conservatives we are.

Thank you Lord, for all the things I've listed, and may You continue to Bless America!

I love you all,

Cyber Pastor