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Monday, November 19, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Ok it's the week of Thanksgiving, and I believe that Americans, we have as much or more to be thankful for as any people on earth. Do we live in a perfect country - not hardly, but for every negative there are probably a dozen positives.

What are you thankful for? I asked that question a church yesterday at both the AM and PM Worship Services. There were lots of responses, but somewhere near the top, people gave thanks for the country they live in (probably right behind, relationship with God and their family).

To take a major swerve about being thankful, it is my prayer that at this time next year that we can say we are THANKFUL that hillary (no caps is intentional) is not the new Commander-in-Chief.

Wow Cyber Pastor, where did you pull that one from?

Here's my thinking. I try to stay positive, and I believe in positive campaigning. I don't like it even when my own candidates go negative. However, there are sometimes exceptions to these rules. The country can NOT afford this far-left liberal to gain the White House.

Where else but America can someone with such poor credentials, be leading her party for the nomination to the most powerful position in the world?

Less than 10 years working in public office, very little success other than raising money in those years, doesn't support our troops in the war on terror, part of the group who insulted General Petraus, and even was the one who "porked" up a bill with money for a Woodstock memorial.

Our country is too good to have someone in the White House with the character of the former First Lady (oh yeah, she wasn't very successful then either - her husband had an affair in the Oval Office, she tried to get socialized medicine pushed through and failed, and I could go on and on there).

The first post below shows the media's love affair with the clintons. To counter this extreme bias, those of us in the "new media" must work extra hard to ensure that at Thanksgiving 2008 our country can truly be thankful - which means no hilary in the White House.

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