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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Israel - America's Greatest Ally; Part 5

As always, thanks to my good friend, Dean for this next part in our ongoing series!

Land For Peace?

By now most of you have heard of or read about the latest Middle East peace initiative proposed by the United States to be held in Annapolis, Maryland.

Once more Israeli’s are being “asked” to give up more of the Holy Land as a way to further the peace project.

How many so called peace projects have been tried in the past?

Some of them you are familiar with, all have failed to one degree or another.

Due in part to it’s complexity, I will provide this link for the reader to provide you with some basic understanding of the history of the “Land For Peace” business.

How many have actually worked?

This latest attempt dubbed the Annapolis conference is wrong, wrong, wrong, from beginning to end.

Ambassador John Bolton scoffs at “Condi’s Delusional Legacy Project”.
From IsraelNN.com: Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has termed the planned Annapolis, Maryland conference a “delusional legacy project” of American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. He made the statement in an interview posted on the American Congress for Truth blog. Bolton also said that Secretary Rice is denying existence of evidence implicating a Syrian-North Korean nuclear pact because the Bush administration wants to conclude a “nuclear free” deal with North Korea.

Bolton added that the conference in Annapolis will leave the United States in a “far worse position” and will result in a decline in it’s influences.

For an audio interview with Ambassador John Bolton conducted by One Jerusalem go here.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared his commitment to fulfill Yassar Arafats dream of making Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

Abbas stated, "I assure you that we will continue in the march to rebury the martyr Yassar Arafat in Jerusalem, which he loved and where he was born and which our people want to be the capital of their Palestinian state.”

Arafat has no ties to Jerusalem. He was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt where he was schooled and trained as an Engineer and then later attended the Moscow Institute for Propaganda warfare. With the help of the Soviet Union, Arafat's identity and background information was invented after 1964 and 1967.

Arafat's true name is Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al Husseini, born August 24, 1929 in Cairo.

Please visit Egypt Today for more information on this man.

For a review of Arafat's death please go here and here.

Perhaps one of the better peace proposals in the last decade was made by Rabbi Binyamin Elon, The Right Road To Peace and more recently, The Israeli Initiative.

The document can be found here in .pdf format.

For more information and up to date news please visit The Israeli Initiative.

Be prepared to spend a great deal of time reading. It is important to expand your knowledge of why this latest proposal is not in the best interests of Israel or the United States.

Excerpts from Jay Sekulow, Chief Council at ACLJ;

Can there really be peace in the Middle East if the city of Jerusalem is used as a bargaining chip?

Right now, there are some who are pushing for peace by dividing Jerusalem. As part of this proposed peace deal, there's increasing talk that Jerusalem would be split, with part of the Holy City being controlled by the Palestinians - a move that many rightly believe would put Israel at further risk from terrorists.

The pursuit of peace is necessary - but not at the price of dividing Jerusalem.

This week, ''peace talks'' between Israel and Palestine are dominating the news due to the U.S.-sponsored Mid-East peace conference in Washington and Annapolis, Maryland.

At the conference, President Bush hopes the Israeli and Palestinian leaders - Prime Minister Olmert of Israel and Palestinian President Abbas - will declare a formal resumption of peace talks, which broke down amid bloodshed and violence seven years ago.

However, one of the crucial issues at hand will be finding resolution to disputed claims to the Holy City of Jerusalem ... Israel's capital.

The pursuit of peace is necessary - but not at the price of dividing Jerusalem.

Negotiating Jerusalem will not garner peace in the Middle East. In fact, handing control of part of the Holy City to the Palestinians would only increase terrorist risk in Israel.

Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. This reality must not be negotiated away.

As you can imagine opinions vary greatly depending on where you stand with your beliefs.

While researching this series I was amazed at the number of pro-Israeli web sites and at the same time appalled by all the anti-Israeli sites that permeate the web.

From my standpoint it should be obvious to the most casual observer that one must decide on a personal level which side you will take in this matter.

The complications are many and this subject is not one that is easily understood.

Nevertheless, you, the reader, must decide what you believe and from that, which side of this issue you are on.

As for me I stand with Israel.

Don’t get me wrong. I love America as much as any citizen of this country, but in my opinion our government is wrong in the stance they have taken regarding this latest attempt at peace in the Middle East.

We must demand better from our government, especially the Secretary of State.

As always, God bless the United States of America and sha-alu shalom Yirushalayim.