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Friday, November 23, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Today's Daily Deciblez!!! is about a great tradition that ocurrs the day after Thanksgiving. No, not Black Friday - I haven't been out of the house today, except to take out the dog, and I have no desire to be at a mall most days, and especially today.

The topic is Thanksgiving Leftovers, but I'm not talking about turkey and dressing. There are still tons of leftover stories of those who are thankful, and I wanted to share some with you today.

The picture that came from VFF is something I'm thankful for as well, because they (we) are a group that isn't going to let the garbage like "Redacted" happen without our speaking our about it - not on our watch!

Reagan's Thanksgiving Address - I am thankful that I was alive and that I served my time in the Army while "The Gipper" was the CIC! I love the picture above taken in the White House!