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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Operation Iraqi Truth - Part 1


Since the “Surge” of troops was completed in June of this year, violence throughout Iraq has reduced dramatically. The combination of additional troops, and more importantly a new counter-insurgency strategy, are undeniably responsible for the reduction.

Below you will see FACTS about the dramatic drop in violence. We have broken them down to the “Surge Focus” (June-October 2007) and to “One Year Focus.”

Visit this site weekly to get the latest data. We also plan to add data about political and economic progress.

Operation Iraqi Truth – November 6
General Petraeus’s new counter-insurgency strategy—combined with the “surge”—has caused a significant reduction in violence in Iraq.

Trends show that since all “surge” forces arrived in country on June 15th, mortar and rocket attacks, small arms attacks, IED attacks, and attacks against Iraqi government facilities have all dropped. At the same time, IEDs that have been disarmed and safely cleared has risen. Source: Multi-National Corps – Iraq (MNC-I).

Fact: IED attacks have dropped dramatically over the last three months.

Fact: The last two Ramadan’s have seen a surge in IED attacks (green lines) – this year there was a slight spike, and then an immediate collapse in numbers.

Fact: IED attacks have reached October 2004 levels.

When General Petraeus made a change in counter insurgency strategy, one of the benefits was greater contact with local populations through the construction of small patrol bases scattered across Iraq. That contact with local Iraqis has paid off as the intelligence value of their tips has skyrocketed – IED’s are pointed out and disarmed before Coalition Forces encounter them. Source: Multi-National Corps – Iraq (MNC-I)

The trend line from May of 2007 to now has been entirely positive – even as more and more troops arrived in Iraq for the surge. Coalition Forces have been engaged in major battles all across central Iraq since that time, but have suffered less and less hostile casualties. Source: Christian Science Monitor, Oct 31 2007 edition. Operation Iraqi Truth – October 29

Since June, Iraqi civilian casualties have dropped 56.4% (1,148 in June, 501 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* This number verifies that the U.S goal of “population protection,” is gradually being met.