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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A New Poem from Forrest Langley

Forrest Langley has 3 Purple Hearts from the severe wounds he received while in combat in Iraq. He suffers from serious brain injuries and has blessed those of us who have been able to get to know him. He occaisionally submits a poem to use here at "Do The Right Thing!"

God Bless you, Forrest!

Forrest Langley (right) and his 3 Purple Hearts with Cyber Pastor at the White House.

End Time America

They use tactics of intimidation fear
They brainwash and scare the sincere
And announce their predictions as fact
America the beautiful is under attack

Preaching the principle Global Warming
Declaring interdependence is alarming
Sovereignty sold out by its politicians
Americans no longer make decisions

Our schools are teaching fable as fact
America has lost its freedom to act
Big bang theory taught as if it’s true
Brainwashing children is what they do

Soon it will be against the law
To question what they teach at all
Homophobic reeducation center for you
Because you believe the bible is true

Kyoto Lost Sea Treaty spells control
It’s the New World Order don’t you know
NAFTA is apart of this one world deal
Judas kissed USA your freedoms to steal

Our schools are teaching fable as fact
America has lost its freedom to act
Big bang theory taught as if it’s true
Brainwashing children is what they do

Same Sex couples are now the norm
Homosexual recruiters on us the storm
Believe not the fables now you’re a name
Bigots, a hatemonger, scare tactic game

Crime to pray in the Name Jesus Christ
Say it’s wrong to be gay pay the price
Thought police coming around the bend
Persecution of Christians to descend

In Noah’s day the same things taught
Today is the same as the Days of Lot
Ten Commandments are against the law
Aborting your baby is nothing at all

The love of the many has waxed cold
While people steal and kill for gold
False prophets preach the global warming
El NiƱo’s one world governments storming

Prince of the power of the airwave
Programs your mind and how you behave
Values forced into your minds eye
Reeducation entertains you how sly

Family values are no longer taught
Hollywood’s brainwash from TV bought
Imagine Hitler with the Net and TV
The big lie global warming deceived

Government and Hollywood have now wed
In every house The Beast Image is fed
Time is ripe for the master illusion
Love not the truth God sent delusion

Fable taught facts warping the mind
We left the God of our fathers behind
School is now sex indoctrinations center
Seasons of change nearing dead winter

Vast right wing conspiracy to blame
For the ills of the world they claim
Soon a true Christian will be an outlaw
Persecuted and tried in world court hall

Can you not see end approaching fast
Will you stand as a Christian at last?
Mark for your right hand or forehead
Day of the Lord fast approaches ahead

NAFTA brought illegals open border
Americas been sold to New World Order
Labeled a fanatic if these things tell
Hate Crimes Bill Christians to jail

Quantum leap forward on horizon I say
America forgot her God now its payday
Heather has two moms illegal to pray
Children brainwashed right to be gay

ACLUs agenda has been legalized
Net and television has you hypnotized
Step by step your freedoms taken away
Married to world black and whites grey

Christians in America make Lot Abraham
Not Bible not pray but what’s on TV man
Judgment begins at the house of God
And we are about to bear Gods rod.

Christians in America persecutions on the way
America turned Sodom you decided to play
Judgment isn’t coming but is upon us this day
Christians are so blind they think their secure ok

The Glory is departed from the home, church, and nation
Sin is rampant in our streets everywhere violence devastation
Power of the Holy Ghost traded for seminaries education
We are taught by scribes Pharisees hypocrites indoctrination

May God empower His undeserving Christians by his grace
To stand against the onslaught of the wickedness they face
Lord Jesus please forgive me and have mercy upon me
A wicked sinner who deserves hell for thy mercy I plea

Lord I need you to set my feet straight
Without you Lord it’s a horrible fate
Lord Im guilty Mercy Lord is my plea
Your sweet presence Lord is all I need.

Poem written by Forrest Langley at 1:16am on November 18, 2007