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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fred Wants Your Help!

Join us this Wednesday November 28th for a debate watching party
Jeri Thompson and special guest commercial break commentators

Invite your friends and family, Fredheads and undecideds alike for an evening of fun and politics. The audio webcast starts at 7:15 PM EST and will run through the debate with special guests providing commentary during the 3 commercial breaks.

If you want to host a party you can use our online tools to help you organize your event. By filling out the form here http://www.fred08.com/Events/private/AddEditEvent.aspx
and selecting "public," other Friends of Fred will be able to find your event online and RSVP. Or, if you prefer to have a private event, you can select "private" at the bottom of the form so that you can limit your guests to those who receive personal invitations. After you provide us with the details of your event using the form, you will be given an opportunity to invite your friends via email. In addition, you will be able to track RSVPs and responses from guests online through your event profile on the Fred Thompson website.

The Campaign will also demonstrate Phone for Fred, an exciting new way for Fredheads across America to get involved and make a real difference in helping Fred win the GOP nomination.

Plan or search for a party in your area today!

Want to make a BIG difference helping Fred win the nomination, but don't live in one of the early primary or caucus states?

We need your help and our Phone for Fred online phone bank makes it easy for you to make a difference!

Person to person contact is the most effective way to make a difference in an election.

We created the program for all of you who want to volunteer and do more for Fred.

Fred only needs a small commitment of time and you will soon see that your phone calls and person to person contact will help Fred win!

Click here


to make a difference today.