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Friday, November 16, 2007

Remember the Homeless Veterans!

Frequent visitor and commentor at "Do The Right Thing", Halle Burton reminds us that we need to make mention of the homeless veteran problem.
Some might be surprised that I would mention Halle in a post, when his comments are normally on the opposite side from mine, but hey Halle gave me a good idea and I always try to give credit where warranted.

This has been Veterans Awareness Week, and I believe it only appropriate to mention those who have served their country and who are now living on the streets of America. I don't write this to debate about how much help there is for the homeless, or no one that doesn't want to be homeless doesn't have to be.

The bottom line is that a large percentage of the homeless population are veterans - a recent report says 25%.

I don't have all the answers, and I can't say that I have done anything for a homeless veteran (shame on me???), but we all can do this. We can lift them up in prayer.
We can also visit this site and see what their suggestions are!http://www1.va.gov/homeless/

Won't you join me in doing at least that much!

Cyber Pastor