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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

OK, before I go into some really loud "Daily Deciblez!!! let me remind all who stop here to scroll down and read Dean's latest in our series on Israel. Today's topic is very timely and is entitled "Land for Peace".

Now, look at two of the reasons (my grand kids) why I spend quite a bit of my time on spreading the word that the Silent Majority can be silent no longer. Yes friends we (the members of the group formerly known as the Silent Majority) must continue to be vigilante on keeping our Christian morals and our Conservative values in front of everyone we can possibly influence!

Sometimes we will take a lot of flak for what we do on our blogs, but when I look at the two pictures of my grandchildren here, then I know that if you are going to have the same kind of country that our forefathers had and planned for us, then we can not allow the liberals, the socialists, or the Islamofacists to go unchecked with the crazy things that they think and do.
I have recently become a member of two blogging sites one called Digital Journal and the other called Grizzly Groundswell.

Wow, what a difference between the two. Let me just say that some of my fellow Conservative bloggers and I have taken some serious flak at Digital Journal. I am going to list some links to articles, but pay special attention to the comments section. Some of these folks who post here have serious problems with the way they think (OK, I'm trying to be nice). Check these out:



Now go here and check out the difference:


Just browse around this site and see what a difference in how conservatives behave and how liberals behave. Now granted there are variances on both sides - not all conservatives behave well all the time, and not all liberals are crazy (oops, did I really say that?), but you make your own opinions.

Some might say Cyber Pastor, why bother with debating with people who you aren't going to change their minds? Well, other than the 2 pictures above, in my humble opinion, sites like Digital Journal have a certain readership who can still be influenced.

The site isn't like moRon.org and other totally liberal sites. Therefore, I feel that we can not just allow the liberal nonsense to go unchallenged. While I'm not in favor of name-calling and those types of exchanges - I personally am willing to but myself (and I have plenty of friends who do the same) in the so-called line of fire for those who spew values that we God-fearing Conservatives can not put up with.

So now that I've spent my time here while I couldn't sleep - I'll call it a night (or morning), and ask that you scroll down and check out my most recent posts.

God Bless you all,

and may God continue to bless America!

Cyber Pastor

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