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Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is a group of the Indiana delegation from Vets for Freedom along with Congressman Mike Pence.

I just wanted to give an FYI to my friends here at Do The Right Thing. I have been stuck all day Wednesday on a project (I think I am finally finished, PTL)!

Also, on Thursday I will be out of town all day until late in the evening, so if I get anything poste
d, it will be late Thursday night.
There are several great places to go to read Conservative blogs that are listed in my blogroll, but let me give a shout out to these few (sorry if I forget someone, I've been staring at a computer for about 12 hours today).

I know I have left someone I really like off here, so forgive me in advance please.
God's blessings to all!
Cyber Pastor