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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weekly Update and Happy Thanksgiving from Fred 08

Dear Friend,

Another great week with positive movement in the polls. A recent national poll by Gallup shows Fred in a strong second. A new South Carolina poll shows us tied for the lead.

Fred has been busy. This holiday week was short but still good for Fred and the campaign. On Sunday, Fred gave another outstanding performance by talking openly, honestly, and substantively with the American people when he appeared on ABC's This Week.

Both the National Review and the Washington Post applauded Fred for being serious and substantive. About Fred, NR said he "offered clear, conservative ideas on fixing Social Security, policing immigration, and expanding the military. We encourage the other candidates to follow his lead." On Fred's Social Security reform plan the Post wrote it "has attractive elements and deserves applause for making some tough choices."

Last Friday, Fred announced his "Lawyers for Fred" coalition. This impressive collection of legal minds demonstrates a significant portion of the conservative legal community supports Fred's judicial philosophy.

Fred's ads "Consistent Conservative" and "No Amnesty" are on the air. To keep broadcasting Fred's conservative message we need your support. $70 will pay for an ad in Sioux City, IA and $250 will buy an ad in Greenville, SC.

If you have a moment during your hectic Thanksgiving weekend watch Fred's interview with Pajamas Media. National security and foreign policy were the topics, and the format gave Fred ample time to express his consistent conservative message about keeping America safe.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Fred and the entire Thompson campaign wish you a safe and heartwarming Thanksgiving weekend. This is the time of year when we really appreciate our family, friends, faith and country. We're blessed to live in such a prosperous, secure nation. We all want that to continue, and that's why Fred is running for President.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

William B. Lacy
Campaign Manager