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Friday, November 16, 2007

Israel - America's Greatest Ally; Part 4

(Note from Cyber Pastor: Dean did an outstanding job doing this as a result of a question in the comments section. My reply was that we are not taking requests at this time, and that still holds true. However, my thanks to Dean for going above and beyond the call of duty in making this post.)

Part 4 of this series will deviate slightly due to information I came across recently and it is unlikely you will read this or hear about it from our MSM, more commonly known as the Lame Stream Media.

The question has been posed by one our readers, “What about the Palestinian Christians?”

A simple answer to that is they are disappearing but not just in Palestine. The following article, “Christian Arabs Are Vanishing”, written by Laina Farhat Holzman in the Santa Cruz Sentinel (
www.santacruzsentinel.com ).

Christian Arabs, including Christian Palestinians, are vanishing. Although all Palestinians believe that their enemy is Israel, they are like victims of “Stockholm Syndrome”, who identify with their tormentors.

In Iraq, where Christians—and formerly Jews—have lived for millenia, they are being driven out. The Jews, 750,000 of them, were expelled from the Arab world, and some lynched, in 1954. Now it is Christian Arabs—including Palestinians—who are being hunted down and either killed or driven out. Assyrian Christians in Iraq are being given four choices: change their religion, leave the country, pay the jeziya(tax levied on non-Muslims), or line up and be shot.

The Christian population in Muslim lands has plunged from 12 million to 2 million in the past decade alone. Lebanon, once a majority Christian country, has become two-thirds Muslim. Jerusalem, where only 12,000 Christians remain, is facing the possibility that there will be no Christians “in the homeland of Jesus Christ Himself” according to the Greek Orthodox archbishop in Jersalem. Christians were once 10 percent of the population; now they are 6 percent.

The situation in Iraq is particularly painful. Before the 2003 war, there were Assyrian and Chaldean Christians, some Armenians and Palestinians who were finding work there. They made up 1.2 million of the country’s 25 million people. Now half of them have fled Iraq, and most of the rest have fled to Kurdistan or elsewhere in the country. The Roman Catholic relief organization claims that there are only 25,000 Christians left in Iraq and over half of the 1.7 million Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria are Christian.

What is sad about this is that, in a way, the Christians, particularly the Palestinian Christians, have brought this on themselves. They have made common cause with their Muslim neighbors—and persecutors—and never acknowledged their persecution until European colonization unmasked the problem. Under European colonization and mandates, for the first time since the Muslim conquest, minorities were given status under the law that was not accorded them under sharia law. The very country of Lebanon was carved out specifically to give persecuted Christians a place of their own in the otherwise hostile Middle East.

Despite what should be obvious to Christain Arabs, that their existence in the Muslim world has always been either tenuous or downright dangerous, they still identify with their tormentors and condemn the usual Middle East demons—Israel and the U.S.

To enhance your understanding of the plight of Arab Christians, I urge you to read the book “Because They Hate”, written by Bridgitte Gabriel, who is Arab Christian and was a victim of radical Islam during the Lebanese Civil War.

What about Palestinian Christians? This is not a subject you’ll read about in the NYT or the Washington Post or any other major newspaper, at least not in the U.S. The Santa Cruz Sentinel doesn’t qualify as a major newspaper but it certainly should be recognized for stepping up and reporting a story like this.

I know that some of the anti-war, anti-Jew, anti-America crowd will try to spin this into another example of Israel and America causing the decline and persecution of Christians. But read carefully and comprehend the article above.
Christians cannot survive for long in a Muslim dominated country. Many are tortured and killed or driven out by the so called “religion of peace”.

Let this be a warning to Christians here in America.

God bless the United States of America and as always SHA-ALU SHALOM YIRUSHALAYIM.


(Another note from Cyber Pastor: Check out some news on this very topic at Spree place: Muslims to Christians: Come Home to Baghdad http://wwwwakeupamericans-spree.blogspot.com/2007/11/muslims-to-christians-come-home-to_16.html )