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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Snooper and Cyber Pastor on the South Lawn of the White House during the Vets for Freedom events earlier this year.

It's been a busy few days for me, only one post on Thursday, no posts on Friday, and no Daily Deciblez!!! since Thursday. I will try to catch you up a little today, but it looks like another busy day on Monday.

An 85 year old lady who I have been friends with for around 20 years is now in hospice inpatient care and is only being given meds for pain. Unless the Lord performs a major miracle, Mary will be going home to be with her Savior any day.

My good friend and fellow blogger Snooper has joined forces with the highly successful site A Newt One - http://www.anewtone.com/ . What a powerful conservative force they are and will be in the future. A Newt One is rapidly approaching 1,000,000 hits for 2007, and a big "Way-To-Go" is in order for all four people who are now involved with this site. I'm happy to call them my friends, and wish them the very best in this new joint venture!

Today's sermon, which is linked below went over very well. The sermon was designed around the song Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. My dear wife Ann sang the song before I preached, and you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way. I usually don't talk much about my sermons after the fact, but you should go and read the outline, Scriptures, and the stories I used. I pray you will get as much out of it as I did, and I believe those who were in attendance today did.

Monday morning, my wife and I, along with the wife of one of my member's are going to go visit her husband Ernie, who is in a nursing home. Ernie is in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease, and may not even know us when we get there. This is one of those diseases that is so sad. Say a word of prayer for Ernie, if you get the chance.

Today From the PPT - Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary - November 4th is Mrs. Bush's birthday, and November 5th is the President and Mrs. Bush's 30th anniversary.

To join Pastor Ed's Prayer Patriots, click: www.pptambassador.org/team153 . I would love to have you join my team in prayer for our President, our leaders, and our troops!

Colts Let Victory Slip Out of Their Grasp - I am close to a major depression at the moment! The Colts were ahead 20 - 10 in the 4th quarter, and let a victory slip away. I'm not a very good loser and I hate losing to an arch rival. Hopefully, we will get our chance again in the playoffs, and I'm proud of how hard the Colts played and it was a very evenly fought game. I will be gracious (while gritting my teeth), and say congratulations to the Patriots.

Two-Part Story About a Muslim Center in Maryland - I am not going to comment on this story, I just wanted to put it out there and see what others know about this group, and I want to do some research. Let me know if you know anything about them.

Sunday Sermon - My Chains are Gone! - comments are above.

Today from the PPT - Pray The Vote Website - The website for this PPT initiative is up and running, with the link below. No matter what party you align with, I would hope that you would lift the 2008 elections up in prayer. Our country needs God's will to be done now more than ever before!


To join Pastor Ed's Prayer Patriots, click: www.pptambassador.org/team153 . I would love to have you join my team in prayer!