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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

OK, so I'm running out of pictures to include with my Daily Deciblez!!! posts. This is me doing the wedding for my second cousin and his new wife.
Lots of things in the mill and I'm really excited. Here are some things to be posted tomorrow and in the days ahead.
  • The daily PPT feature.
  • Part 2 of the success of the "surge" - Part 1 is below.
  • More on the issues and other things about Huckabee and Thompson.
  • Hope above the Headlines - a weekly feature from my friend Jerry Brecheisen.
  • My continued look at the Fred Phelps issue, and please continue to check out Spree's site as she has been doing an outstanding job on this issue. http://wwwwakeupamericans-spree.blogspot.com/

Now for some big time news:

Beginning tomorrow, the first post in a new series on Israel will be right here at "Do the Right Thing"! This is going to be a combined effort with myself, and my friends Dean and Garry (with possibly others contributing as well).

My initial inspiration came from a rant by Dean that was prompted by the current "Land for Peace" process taking place. This series is going much deeper than just the Land for Peace issue though.

Dean and Garry both have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and I'm very honored to have them to agree to work on this project with me. Please pray that we will glorify God in all that is posted on this topic!

Today from the PPT - WORDS FROM THE PRESIDENT ON FUNDING FOR OUR TROOPS IN IRAQ - a daily feature from the Presidential Prayer Team.

More on Fred Phelps Verdict - this article quotes a legal expert who believes that the verdict will stand. My hope is that it will stand and I will be interested to see if there will be others who get in line to sue as well. The article also mentions freedom of religion - and I've made my feelings known on this. This group claims to be Christian (Baptist). So here is my question if a group claims to be Christian, but are total frauds - then do they get the protection of freedom of religion?

Operation Iraqi Truth - Part 1 - the news out of Iraq on the "surge" is so positive that it will take 2 posts to cover it all. This post comes from Veterans for Freedom and Part 2 will be on Wednesday.

VFF - ACTION ITEM for the Week - Veterans Day is coming up in less than a week. As this article from Vets for Freedom encourages all of us to honor our American Veterans! Please do something nice for a Veteran.